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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 4, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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catholic person they could find to do this. this is to tell gay families they will never be treated equally in this country. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: inside the cathedral, the majesty of the ceremony was readily apparent ars the vatican's ambassador to the united states and two cardinals attended. in his welcoming remarks, archbishop cordileone made no mention of same-sex marriage, but made reference to his own recent dui arrest in san diego. >> i cannot express my gratitude for the outpouring of love, support and promises of prayers i received in the wake of the regrettable mistake in judgment i made with regard it my driving and for which i apologize. >> tell me why you're here. >> to support the bishop to welcome him. >> this is a big deal. yeah, this is one of the biggest moments for the archdiocese when we get our new pastor. >> reporter: now with cordileone's reputation as a fierce defender of the catholic church's teaching on same-sex marriage, two gay san francisco
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supervisors say what's ahead is largely unknown. supervisor david campos is catholic. >> certainly someone with a different history with obviously a better choice. that was not a choice that was up to us to make. and so what we are left with is where do we go from here? >> what i will say is, i very much want the archbishop to get to know the lgbt community community in san francisco and to meet people whose lives have been impacted by prop 8. >> reporter: now, both supervisors weiner and campos points out that the lgbt community has a history of openness and they very much hope there can be a dialogue going forward with the new archbishop here in the bay area. allen, back to you. >> thank you, mark sayre in san francisco. so got any weekend plans? desperate for something to do any any reason to get out of the house? you have some options.
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>> reporter: from the site of the blue angels soars for fleet week to the giants and 49ers both playing at home there's america cups racing in the bay hardly strictly bluegrass in golden gate bridge, justin bieber, madonna, just so much going on. tonight as the bay area braces for the bustle, cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez reports the city can't wait for the windfall. >> it's going to be very busy and profitable. >> like what, a car payment? >> it could be depending on the car. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: not all this weekend tourists will spend money like sailors on leave but they will leave a major mark. >> it's undeniable. >> reporter: matt of the san francisco travel association says visitors to the city spend about $300 per day. >> about a third of that is spent in the hotels. that means two thirds of it is spent outside the hotels. that's restaurant, retail,
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museum, galleries, other cultural experiences, transportation. >> reporter: with a million visitors projected this weekend, that's an economic impact of about $300 million per day. >> september was an amazing month for us our busiest month for occupancy since 2009. >> reporter: michael pace general manager of the "w" hotel says october is on path to do even better. >> this could potentially beat the record. we are within a percentage point of out doing ourselves again. >> reporter: the focus is on fleet week but this weekend's activities are spread throughout the city. >> this is not all concentrated around moscone center. it's not all concentrated around fisherman's wharf or pier 39. so what answer that that means is we're not just talking about limited or finite geographical economic impact. we're talking about it all over the city. >> it's good for the city. how's the economy? >> reporter: and sailor adam from the uss macon island says the benefit is mutual. >> great publicity for the navy. it sheds good light on us and
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the city of san francisco. i mean, y'all been nothing but welcoming so far and i'm excited to spend the rest of my time here. >> reporter: joe vazquez, cbs5. never get tired of looking at the blue angels buzzing over the bay area for their practice runs today. the navy jets are here for fleet week. they will hold more demonstrations tomorrow. the show is this weekend when the blue angels will showcase their aerial acrobatics above the bay flying at times only 18" apart. well, with everything going on this weekend in san francisco, highway patrol is preparing for traffic gridlock. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman with the warning from the chp tonight. mike. reporter: we have been talking about this to get word out. it's all over social media but you know someone is going to go shopping this weekend and say what's all this traffic about? so be ready. >> reporter: the bay area is
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popular on weekends but it may never be as popular as this weekend when upwards of a million people are expected for a visit. there is a lot going on. so i have come up to twin peaks. we have two giants games at&t park saturday and and sunday. fleet week. the america's cup in the bay. two big cruise ships coming in and the cruise terminal. we have -- we have a fair --the castro street fair in the castro district. and hardly strictly bluegrass which is a big concert in golden gate park. other side of the bay is a cal game on saturday. look a little further south, sunday, football game, candlestick house, full house for the 49ers. we have a madonna concert in san jose on sunday. there's a half a marathon they are going to be running in san jose, as well. >> if you can, try to arrange for public transportation, try to find a carpool, drive with people, if you are planning to come to events here in the city. >> reporter: law enforcement
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will be out in force. if you can't take bart, muni, caltrain or anything else, you don't drive, here's a simple tip. fill your gas tank! sounds like a big doh, but you would be surprised. >> traffic slows down, people start to idle. they are on the road for a little longer than they anticipated. just make sure you have a full tank of gas before you get started. >> reporter: you run out of gas on the road, you're stuck. tow trucks are going to get stuck in traffic, too. you think this can't happen? i'm going to admissibility i got a new car about five years ago. i ran out of gas on the bay bridge. it's a prius. and i ran out of gas. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i didn't really understand the gauge. so it is a big doh... but it can happen. and if you're stuck out of gas like that guy back there might
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be, you're in a lot of trouble. >> you're a big man, mike, to admit that. [ laughter ] >> so what are you doing -- which of those events are you going to? >> well, i'm going to the giants game. >> okay. i knew it. >> reporter: i hope to see them win but i'm going to walk. >> leave that prius at home. all right, mike. thanks so much. bay area transit systems already seeing a spike in ridership. bart just had its fifth busiest day ever. the agency says nearly 427,000 people rode bart yesterday. the only times they had more riders was when the bay bridge closed. the busiest day, the day of the giants world series parade last year. you want a list of weekend events, go to you can also check realtime traffic conditions and you are going to need them. the feds are looking into allegations that uc-berkeley officials are too permissible
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about anti-israel protests. people complain anti-israel hostility rose on campus after officials failed to curb recent demonstrations. the university rejects that and says all protests are carefully monitored and every effort is made to promote a safe and inclusive climate. two murders in four hours raised san jose's homicide total to 36 for the year. the most recent killing was just after midnight on dobern avenue. a few hours later another deadly shotting on south second street. anne makovec spoke with a witness who saw his friend die. >> the person that got killed was older guy with a kid and a wife that didn't even gang bang. >> reporter: this man didn't want to be identified but just after 12:30 a.m. he watched his friend die after being shot outside his birthday party at this home on dobern avenue. >> all you hear is shots, shots fired, shots fired. the guy that had got shot runs into the house, drops to the floor. i didn't see anything. all i was told is that it was
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gangbangers wearing blue rags on their faces. >> reporter: police also believe this killing was gang- related. the city's 36th homicide of the year. the 35th occurred just a few hours earlier here on south second street downtown san jose at about 8:30 p.m. you can see still see remnants of the crime tape up today. police said there was a fight and when they got there a man was lying on the ground. he was taken to the hospital, where he died. >> this area is heavily policed by san francisco's finest but you can't watch everybody. >> reporter: a police spokesman says this is part of the worst spike of violence he has seen in his 14 year career with the san jose pd and says it could be in part due to recent cuts in the department. >> the fact that we don't have a violent crimes enforcement team that we all know about anymore is maybe an indication to some of these gang members that they are free to go heading and commit new acts of
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violence. >> right now, this area is not a safe area to be in. it's very, very, very dangerous. >> reporter: in san jose, anne makovec, cbs 5. a suspect in one of san jose's recent homicides is under arrest. police say the suspect was involved in a huge brawl that broke out on sunday. that fight involved dozens of people near monterey highway and bernal road. during that fight, police say 27-year-old mario gutierrez stabbed and killed another man. that man is the city's 34th homicide victim this year. police are still investigating the motive for the killing. today an embattled oakland police department stepped before the public and responded to a long list of complaints. from an uptick in crime to public outcries over police shootings the department is battered with criticism in recent weeks including a federal monitor report that raises questions about the department's own internal investigations.
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>> it's not been easy. it's been challenging but there is no one here that's ducking from the responsibility. we all want the same thing. the judge wants the same thing. i want the same thing. i want our officers to practice constitutional policing. >> chief jordan added that the department has not had enough time to review the entire report. other bay area headlines, a massive manhunt near oakland's lake merritt ended in an arrest this morning. officers were dispatched to an area near grand and bellevue just before 8 a.m. they had the man in custody in under an hour. no details about the man or why they were looking for him. in the south bay firefighters used a chainsaw to rescue a driver in distress this morning. his car veered off highway 101 near great america parkway in san jose and then smashed into a tree. crews pulled out the driver, brought him up the embankment. he is going to be okay. some lady called. >> thank you so much. >> a pilfered puppy back with
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its owner. the surprise bay area reunion this afternoon and the stranger who brought meeko back home. >> facebook's been completely free to its users -- until now. who will have to pay for their posts? >> this forecast will always remain free. it's the forecast also that's changing so many events coming up this weekend and we're already sitting at friday eve. as we look live outside right now, there's rain in the forecast. will that rain impact the weekend? i have the answer coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the morgan mom hill mom accd of a this video just into our newsroom. the morgan hill mom accused of ditching her daughter at a safeway after a botched shoplifting scheme is back in the bay area. police say marcey keeling left her 10-year-old daughter at safeway after they tried to steal a cart of groceries. keeling was later arrested in nevada last week after fleeing
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the area with her 11-month-old son. tonight she is being booked at santa clara county jail on felony and misdemeanor charges. a member of the manson family has been granted parole again. along with charles manson, bruce davis was convicted of two murders in 1969 unrelated to the infamous sharon tate killings. there is still no guarantee that davis, who is now 70, will go free. a parole board did recommend his release in 2010. but that was reversed by then governor schwarzenegger. a plan to restart the shuttered san onofre nuclear plant in southern california is committed to the nuclear regulatory commission. the plant was taken offline in january. inspectors found cracks inside the walls of the generators. the plan calls for one of the two units at the facility to be powered up at 70% power for a five-month trial period. it may take months for the plant to get the okay. those who say there's not
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enough good news, there were tears and hugs, lots of furry love in san jose where a dog snatched by some burglars back in loving arms. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on how meeko went from stolen property back to the family pet. >> reporter: it's incredible. the mother of the little girl whose dog was stolen the other day that it could still have a happy ending that there are still good people in the world. that turned out to be very prophetic today when the dog came back home. 10-year-old marisa knew something was up when she came home from school and found a crowd in her front yard. then her hopes and prayers were answered when her sister appeared at the front door holding her beloved meeko. >> thank you. thank you to everybody! who made this happen. >> reporter: the dog had been stolen during a burglary at the south san jose home on monday thanks to news coverage of the story yesterday, a woman who found meeko running loose in a target parking lot in loss banos
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-- in los banos returned the dog today. >> i recognized the dog from the picture that they put up. it was really -- >> reporter: what did you think you had to do? >> i had to return it. i seen her face. she was really sad. and i was like, oh.... i need to return it. it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: in a tearful plea, marisa had offered her piggy became for the dog's safe return. san jose police and firefighters and city council members upped the reward to $6,000. marisa and her family couldn't believe that something good came out of a bad family episode. were you surprised? >> yeah. i'm just happy that he's safe and he's back and our family was apart. he is going to be safe no matter what now. >> reporter: the woman from los banos who returned the dog
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today said her own children are grown attached to meeko after having it for a couple of days and were sad to have to give the dog back. she says that she is now going to use some of that reward money she got to buy a new dog. so this has a happy ending all the way around. >> and meeko never gets left at home alone again! >> reporter: that's right. in fact, i think meeko is getting a good bath right now. [ laughter ] >> reporter: inside. >> yeah. spoiled. all right. len, thanks so much. paul, we keep talking about this massive weekend coming up. a million people coming to the city, coming to the bay area for that matter and a lot of events are outside. >> so many events and so much depending on the weather. >> closer and cooler we have rain showers in the forecast that will hold off for the weekend. i will have your extended forecast. a respected peek outside. looking off to the east,
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richmond, alameda, berkeley with low cloud cover as that marine layer moves in land. concord 64. 100 just two days ago. san francisco 61. livermore 67. pleasant hill outside the city we have the art wine and jazz festival this weekend. mild at 73 degrees mostly sunny in fact afternoon. a lot of cloud cover out there because of that stronger onshore flow. it will be prevalent overnight tonight. early tomorrow you will get the sunshine by friday afternoon. but this change is kind of under way the beginning of it with low pressure moving from our south to just off to our west giving us now that onshore flow. by monday low pressure is right over top of us giving us extra lift in the atmosphere and that even in early october will be enough to give us scattered showers. so rain but not until the top of next week. downtown san francisco tomorrow 10 degrees below average. 62 for a high. livermore 76. and san jose 71. so we go from way above average to much cooler than
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normal. vallejo friday only 67. pacifica 64. mountain view 69. and napa 70 degrees for your friday. extended forecast now, pretty chilly this weekend relatively speaking. mid- to upper 60s near the bay but dry. can't say that about monday and tuesday. chance of some showers only mid-70s inland. rain moves out but we'll stay chilly next wednesday and thursday. and that's your cbs 5 forecast. well, it's a ten digit milestone for facebook. the menlo park company hits a billion users. tonight the users who will be charged for their posts. politicians have away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento.
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so remember this number.
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prices at th experts blame a complicate mix of refine rye outages and pipeline problems for the dramatic rise of prices at the pump. julie watts provides perspective on the prices. >> reporter: just the past 24 hours, we have seen another 8-
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cent hike in gas prices. on september 30, the average price of a gallon of regular in california was $4.14. we're now closing in on $4.45. if it's any consolation, it could be worse. highest prices in the state are in los angeles, so not here. and the highest average price in california history was $4.61 in 2008. now, one manteca gas station owner has locked his pumps yesterday and refused to sell he is he so fed up. he couldn't stomach being forced to charge nearly $5 a gallon. he is back in business today and keeping prices as low as possible but says his costs have increased nearly a dollar a gallon in a week and he hopes drivers will spend money inside his shop to help keep him afloat with these high gas prices. we make it easy to find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood. go to enter your zip code and get the best local price. now, if you live on one of the 31 million acres of land
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covered by cal fire, you may be questioning that $150 fire fee you recently received. well, so is the taxpayers association which sued today along with 11 plaintiffs from across the state. they say the fire fee is actually an illegal tax that should have required a two- thirds vote in the legislature. the fees sent out to more than 800,000 californians are expected to raise more than $80 million for the state fire department. and speaking of fees, facebook may soon be charging one if you want to ensure your friends don't miss that life- altering post. the social network that boasts it's free and always will be may soon ge fee reportedly around $7 to ensure your post pops to the top of your friends' news feeds. facebook has been testg the program in new zealand and will open up the test to a small number of users in the u.s. he could incidentally, facebook hit its 1 billion- member milestone today. >> that's not going to get a lot of likes.
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that's not good. >> not popular. >> some people will go crazy. >> that's what i was thinking. >> i'm sorry, no post is worth 7 bucks. >> no. >> i don't think so. >> unless you're selling something. >> i guess. >> thank you. in our next half hour, basking in the afterglow of the presidential debate. mitt romney's widely viewed victory and an analysis of body language. five people dead and the outbreak is expected to grow. the tainted steroid that's come to california. >> my dad even shed a little tear when i showed it to him. >> and in the skeptical age, something remarkable caught on a home surveillance camera. who is this mystery man? why is he kissing the flag? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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th mitt with the denver debate in the rear view mirror the presidential candidates were back on the campaign trail today with mitt romney clearly energized by his performance. a cbs news poll of uncommitted voters shows the republican nominee won last night's face- off by a margin of 2-1. the candidates have 12 days to
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prepare for the next debate. grace lee says you may notice changes particularly at the president's podium. >> reporter: i'm sure that's the hope of the obama camp. now, we asked the question, why? why has it been almost universal from both republicans and democrats that romney performed better last night and what we found is that it may not be based on what was actually said. >> the body language started strong, friendly, with the two candidates starting locked in a handshake. >> how you say something was often times more important than what you said. >> reporter: joe tuman says if you were to rate the candidates strictly on the nonverbal communication after that, former governor romney was the clear winner. >> he was energetic. he smiled a lot. and he seemed full of pep for the president. >> reporter: he says romney frequently looked at the president, kept his head up and appeared engaged while the president kept his eyes down cast.
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>> and when you combine looking down with a frown, while the other person on the other screen is smiling and looking directly at you and also attacking you at the moment, it looks like you're not liking what you're hearing. >> reporter: there were signs of warmth from the president. >> you saw the president occasionally catch himself not smiling. he would catch it. he has a great warm smile. >> the last point i'd make before -- >> two minutes is up, sir. >> no. i think i had five seconds before you interrupted me -- >> reporter: but even in the final moments, some critics say that the president emerged from his podium too soon. >> when it was over, the president was first out to go and meet governor romney and governor romney took his time coming around which made it look as if he was in control and the president was eager to congratulate him on a good performance but i actually think that the president was just happy to be done with it. >> reporter: this morning, president obama launched a new ad in seven swing states
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questioning romney's truthfulness and seemed to be reinvigorated at a colorado rally this morning responding to something romney said the night before. >> i'm sorry, i'm going to stop this subsidy to pbs. i'm going to stop subsidies to other things. i like pbs. i like big bird. i like you, too, actually. >> when he was asked what he would do to cut the deficit and reduce spending, he said he would eliminate funding for public television. [ laughter ] >> boo! >> that was his answer. >> i mean, thank goodness somebody is finally getting tough on big bird! [ laughter ] >> reporter: big bird smack-dab in the middle of politics. so the candidates have a little under two weeks to prepare for their next face-off. they are going to be meeting in a town hall style debate in new york on october 16th. cnn's candy crowley will moderate that. and then on october 22nd, they will be talking about foreign
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policy in florida. that final forum will be moderated by bob schieffer who was of course from cbs. the vice-presidential candidates meet up on tuesday and the indication already is that they will not have as much leeway to control the conversation during that i debate as they did last night. there's been a lot of criticism. liz? >> all right, grace, thank you. well, if you have a notice in the mail says you have no polling place for the upcoming election, don't worry. you're not a voter without a country. it's simply because the area where you live doesn't have enough people to get its own precinct. so why can't you just go to the closest one? well, it's because that particular polling place may not have the specific ballot that applies to you based on the boundary lines where you live. >> they may see a polling place just a few blocks from their house. and they want to know why can't they vote at that polling place? so you might be in oakland and you're in a certain city council district. and so you can vote for another
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city council district that has to be where you live. >> there are 151 different ballot variations in alameda county alone. voters who fall into the mandatory mail-in category do not need to apply for a ballot. it will be sent to you automatically. health officials are warning hundreds if not thousands of patients could be at risk for a rare meningitis infection. a tainted steroid drug often used it alleviate lower back pain is being blamed for an outbreak of fungal meningitis in six states including california. fungal meningitis is an inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord, symptoms may be subtle including headache, nausea, dizziness and fever and its similarities to other medical conditions like stroke may lead doctors to misdiagnose the patient. >> that makes it different and perhaps some patients and certainly some doctors wouldn't
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think of meningitis right away if the patient presented primarily with those kinds of symptoms. >> 35 cases of fungal meningitis have been reported and five people have died. the outbreak may get much worse still with 75 hospitals in 23 states having received the contaminated drug since july. the conflict in syria is getting worse. much worse now that hostilities are spilling across international borders. cbs news reporter monica has more. >> reporter: turkey's parliament approved military action against syria but said it's not declaring war on its neighbor. the government can now send troops or warplanes across the border to attack syrian targets if turkey feels threatened. the turkish military fired ar tilley six miles into syrian territory for a second day. it's a direct response to this mortar attack. a rocket launched from syria hit a turkish town killing two
6:35 pm
women and three children. residents say they feel the war next door has spilled over. he says, we are scared to death of when another bomb will strike. syria has apologized for the incident and claims it was an accident. europe and the u.s. both military allies of turkey condemned the border shelling. >> i once again urge the syrian authorities to put an immediate end to the violence and fully respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all neighboring countries. >> reporter: antiwar protestors clashed with the police in the turkish capital. security teams used pepper spray to push them back. and demonstrators marched toward parliament chanting, we don't want war. syria assured world leaders there won't be another borden incident. cbs news. turns out we get paid pretty well here in the bay area. up ahead, the average paycheck of a san franciscan. >> this home surveillance camera captured something
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surprising. >> reminds me, you know, how good this country can be. >> how we tracked down this mystery man. his surprising story coming up next. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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won't be news to you. but is apparently the best city ine if you live in san francisco, this won't be news to you. but it's apparently the best city in the u.s. to call home. that's according to the latest rankings from bloomberg business week. it rates large cities based on things such as leisure, education, the economy and average income. well, that's where san francisco really shines as you see there. the average household income just over $90,000 a year. that's nearly double that of other major cities such as new york. well, seattle, washington, d.c., boston, portland, oregon rounding out the top 5. usually on the local news
6:39 pm
we show you surveillance video that captures a crime or some other terrible thing. but not tonight. a viewer emailed us a clip of what his camera recorded outside his front door. cbs 5 reporter sharon chin shows us it's a quiet but powerful act of respect for our country. >> reporter: usually no red flags go up when phillip checks the surveillance video from outside his pinole home. >> i watch the mailman drop the mail off, watch the kids play. >> reporter: but a stunning scene grabbed his attention last week. >> kind of really struck me right here. >> reporter: a man walking toward the front door removes his hat, kisses the american flag, salutes it, and goes on his way. phillip, an american citizen who immigrated from poland, played the video again and again. >> i took the video showed it to my family. my dad even shed a little tear when i showed it to him. >> reporter: so who is this man and what's the story behind his reaction to old glory? we tracked him down through this flyer he left on the
6:40 pm
doorknob. the flyer advertises a housecleaning service. turns out man isn't even an american. he is 70-year-old renee dominguez of he will salvatore. the retired car salesman and his visiting relatives in the bay area for several months from el salvador. when his son goes to work as a retore, rene passes out hundreds of flyers for his daughter-in-law's small business. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: rene says he had no clue cameras were watching him. as his son translated, he says he was just expressing his deep appreciation for america's military and economic support of el salvador. [ non-english language ] >> el salvador feels protect because the u.s. helps us out so much and that makes us very proud. >> reporter: rene pushed his son eduardo to finally become an american citizen after living in the bay area for
6:41 pm
years. >> he thinks that the u.s. is the greatest country in the world. he knows that anyone that comes to this country can succeed in anything they want. >> hello, how are you? >> good, how are you doing? >> reporter: we took rene back to the house to meet filip to meet and they got to see it for the first time. because surveillance doesn't record sound you can't tell that rene is singing the national anthem. >> it's touching and reminds me, you know, how good this country can be. >> reporter: rene will return to el salvador next month. until then he plans to keep giving old glory his glory. [ singing national anthem ] >> reporter: in pinole, sharon chin, cbs 5. ♪ [ music ] >> what a reminder for yours, great story. a bizarre prehistoric
6:42 pm
discovery, the dracula dinosaur. >> our weather is cooler outside right now. radar is clear. coming up in the extended forecast that's going to change. there are some rain showers. i'll let you know when coming up. the puck is not going to drop on the nhl season after all. i'm dennis o'donnell. and who will the giants pitchers be in the play-offs? a report from the ballpark straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bizarre new dinosaur, that'w nicknamed the 'dracula dinosaur.' paul seran a scientist says he discovered a bizarre new dinosaur nicknamed the dracula dinosaur. paul serrano of chicago says the dinosaur would look something like this similar to a two legged porcupine with fangs and quills. serrano says the dinosaur was less than 2 feet long and weighed less than a house cat. scientists say it lived about 200 million years ago. >> really? fangs and quills? really? glad evolution took care of that. [ laughter ] >> thank you, darwin. >> we are going to have some combinations this weekend and
6:46 pm
the weather will play a factor. >> going from this heat we started monday some of you in the mid-90s in downtown san francisco and what a transition we have had over the pass couple of days. the last spot to see the change are inland locations and also the santa clara valley. look at san jose. tuesday, two days ago, 96 for a high. today only 75. concord you hit 100. a record high on tuesday. today 28 degrees colder all the way down to 72. some other highs from today, morgan hill only 77. redwood city topped out at 75. napa 73. hayward 72. oakland officially hit 70. and santa rosa you hit 102 three days ago. you hit only 68 degrees this afternoon. and you will drop down to 48 tonight. napa chilly upper 40s. san rafael 50. redwood city 53. and livermore 53 degrees your overnight low. so something has to be changing. believe it or not. the same area of low pressure now giving us the cool weather was the same one that was down off the southern california coast that counterclockwise flow giving us the offshore
6:47 pm
wedged. so all it did was move we felt got a different wind direction and you're feeling the change with morning cloud cover and lower temperatures. low pressure will be offshore on the weekend enhancing of the pacific ocean influence giving us even cooler weather and cloudier weather. then by the top of next week low pressure is going to be right over top of the bay area. that's going to give us a shower chance for the first widespread shower chance in a while coming up next monday and next tuesday. so what to expect? a lot of cloud cover each morning. you will get some afternoon sunshine. it will be cloudy to start. weekend will be chilly. it's going to be dry. it's not going to be cold. but you will notice a chill in the air even inland only in the low to mid-70s and scattered showers are likely early next week. here are your highs for tomorrow. continue to go down. concord 73. san jose 71. and oakland should be at 72. but tomorrow, only 65 degrees. wrapping up the workweek and school week in los altos, high of 73. san mateo only 66 with some afternoon sunshine. milpitas 71.
6:48 pm
and santa clara 72 degrees. brentwood 78. antioch 73. benicia only 67 for a high of. pleasant hill 74. and dublin 74. well below normal. san rafael tomorrow 70. friday in daly city only 60. san leandro wrapping up the week with a high of 6 degrees. now, the extended forecast i don't want to call it cold but it certainly is chilly. weekend activities will be fine. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, decent weather for the blue angels. mid- to upper 60s near the bay. shower chance next monday and tuesday. and then we'll clear out and get more sunshine and slightly milder weather toward the middle of next week. one of the huge events going on is fleet week and roberta gonzales found a big ship and sailors on the ship. roberta. >> reporter: paul, mobile weather bright and early this morning 9:00 right here in san francisco, where i actually boarded an lav, like a tank and i was with the marines and we began a convoy from san francisco all the way across the bay bridge to the uss
6:49 pm
hornet in alameda. and our mission was to deliver the vehicles there. so fleet week can also take place on the other side of the bay so people can check the vehicles tomorrow friday through the weekend right there. now we made our way back to san francisco. i'm outside this big old ship. it's called the macon island about 840 feet long. home to 2,000 troops like a city on the water when it's out at sea. our photographer went up to the flight deck and took a look around totally amazing is this ship. and this ship actually brought in a particular individual. he calls it home. born and raised in vallejo, gunnery sergeant jason dowd is with us. welcome home. >> thank you. >> reporter: been a marine for 11 years, yes, that's correct. >> reporter: and you served time in iraq but now here for your very first fleet week even though you were born and raised here. >> right. >> reporter: what are you looking forward to?
6:50 pm
>> a lot of stuff. everything we're going to do out in the community is going to be great. i'm looking forward to the 49ers game. a big group are going there sunday so that's going to be awesome and trying to make it to the giants game as well. >> reporter: i'm hoping you told the troops how chilly it is in san francisco. >> i did. it's not like san diego. it's chillier up here, bring coats, be prepared and some of them did, some of them didn't. >> reporter: well, they are in for a big surprise if they didn't. any moms home cooking athe all while you're here? >> no. i don't believe i'm going to go home during the trip. >> reporter: thanks for being here. we look forward to all the activities during fleet week. from mobile5, roberta gonzales for cbs 5. eyewitness news will continue. we'll be right back. you're on timeout leo!
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navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. $3 billion in revenue. but e players and owners can't age on how to split it up..and today, the league annoucnedt the first 2 weeks of >> national hockey league brings in $3 billion in revenue but the players and owners can't agree on how much to split between the two sides and the first two weeks of the regular season have been canceled. >> seems like a pretty stubborn group over there. again, with the information they gave me, they told me a lot of things we're trying to do and we're trying to find ways and it's just kind of one- sided right now from what i'm hearing. >> reporter: the owners want to lower the revenue sharing with
6:54 pm
the players from 57% to as low as 47%. the league has canceled all games through october 24. the sharks were supposed to play five games within that window three of them at home. dusty baker returns to at&t park this saturday in game one of the play-offs between the reds and giants. we have more from the ballpark. >> reporter: dennis, you don't have to look far. wink, wink. to figure out that we're in the play-offs. the giants were on the field in a voluntary workout for less than an hour this afternoon. and the only news that bruce bochy would reveal today was not of his post-season roster which he will figure out tomorrow but only his game 2 starter for sunday. >> game 2 starter along with mark on the next game bumgarner. they have earned the start. >> here we go again. >> i don't know about that. >> definitely fun looking forward to it.
6:55 pm
>> do you approach it any differently? >> i'm not. worked out pretty good the first time. >> reporter: take a look behind the batting cage. see that skinny guy on the right? that's reds manager dusty baker out of the hospital since suffering a mild stroke. he says now it's all up to the diet to stay thin. >> turkey burgers and couscous and -- [ laughter ] >> -- all that kind of stuff. i'm going to sneak down to my local watering spot to get some soul food there. >> reporter: national league series division week continues tomorrow with formal workouts for both teams. dennis back to you in the studio. >> thank you, vern. just hours after the euphoria of winning the american league west the team learned of a devastating tragedy to teammate pat neshek and his family. the shaq a relief pitcher for oakland -- neshek a relief pitcher for oakland left to go to the birth of his child in australia.
6:56 pm
his child was alive for less than 24 hours and died in his sleep. cause of death is unclear. with heavy hearts the as left for detroit this afternoon for game one of the series which starts on saturday at 3:30 local time. jarrod parker is expected to start against justiner have lander. the as have the second lowest payroll in baseball and playing against the team with the fifth highest. of the 10 clubs in the play- offs five are in the bottom half of the total league payroll. general manager billy beane doesn't like hearing that his team is simply scrappy. >> once again, do they have great character, yeah. but they also got talent, too. i think too many times this year people want to point to intangibles and not recognize that there are some good baseball players there. and there's no such thing as being lucky for 162 games. so i like to think they are a talented group of players. >> reporter: as a general manager, has this been among the most stressful seasons that you have had? >> one of the least stressful.
6:57 pm
that's what's good about being in your 15th year. when you have young kids, it keeps you in perspective. >> there are rich teams and there are poor teams then there's 50 feet of crap and then there's us. it's an unfair -- >> could the as season be better than the "moneyball" era? brad pitt's co-star tweeted if the oakland as go all the way this year, brad pitt and i better get rings. [ laughter ] >> you know? >> good point. >> i think he has a point. in today's day and age it seems like everybody does get rings. general manager of the tv station, the tv guys -- >> you should get a ring. >> if the 49ers win the super bowl... >> right. >> thanks, dennis. >> and for news throughout the evening, the latest is always on captions by: caption colorado call or click today.
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